“Public Housing Discussion on Brian Lehrer’s CUNY TV program”

From the La Guardia and Wagner Archives:

If you missed the chance to watch public housing historian Nicholas Bloom, Tara Hickman and me on Brian Lehrer’s CUNY TV program, you can now watch it on YouTube.  Go to the Archives NYCHA collection page http://www.laguardiawagnerarchive.lagcc.cuny.edu/COLLECTIONS.aspx?ViwType=1&ColID=2 and then click “Public Housing Discussion on Brian Lehrer’s CUNY TV program.”

We had a very good discussion on the history of public housing using photos from the Archives’ collection and on how we use the Housing Authority documents in the classroom.

Steven A. Levine, Ph.D.
Coordinator for Educational Programs
La Guardia and Wagner Archives
La Guardia Community College, CUNY
(718) 482-6067

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