Professional Development: Interviewing at a Teaching College via InsideHigherEd

John Fea offers advice on interviewing at a teaching college at  Among his suggestions:

There will be some interviews in which the members of a search committee do not even ask you about your research. Don’t be offended by this or assume that it means that you will not be able to do scholarly work at this place. The search committee members probably looked at the description of your research in your cover letter and thought it was fine. They just want to use the 45 minutes of interview time to hear about what you will do for them in the classroom.
If you have not figured it out by now, you will be asked a lot of questions about teaching. The search committee is going to be very interested in learning about how you will plug in to both the department’s AND the college’s curriculum. In history, you may be asked if you feel prepared to teach general education courses in subjects such as Western Civilization or World Civilization (even if you are an American historian). You may be asked if you would be interested in teaching interdisciplinary courses in something like a first-year core curriculum. Think in advance about how you might respond to these questions. To get a sense of what the teaching load might look like for the average member of the history department, go to the college’s website and see if you can access the course listings from recent semesters. See what each professor in the department is teaching.

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