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01-15 Call for Papers- History in the Making: Pivotal Moments in Public Understanding.

Tenth Annual Conference, Graduate Student Association,
Department of History, University of Massachusetts Amherst
March 29,2014

Proposals by January 15th,2014

The Graduate History Association of the University of Massachusetts Amherst invites graduate students to submit proposals for its annual interdisciplinary conference. This year’s conference, entitled “History in the Making: Pivotal Moments in Public Understanding,” will be held on March 29,2014.

Writing history for a broad audience has many challenges. How do we approach pivotal historic events that continue to affect our understanding of the past? How do current events influence our interpretation of past events? What are some approaches scholars can take to make their work accessible to the general public?

We welcome submissions from students of History, English and Comparative Literature, Anthropology, Political Science, Journalism, and all other disciplines relevant to competing approaches to history and today’s society. The following are just a few examples of possible presentation fields and subjects, although we will gladly receive others:

  • Historical debates and revisionism
  • Public history
  • Memory
  • Contested literary analyses
  • Authoritative and revolutionary current events
  • Popular Culture

Graduate students interested in participating in this conference should submit a one-page paper proposal and a resume or cv (.doc, .docx, or .pdf format) for consideration by January 15th,2014. In your proposal, please include a paper
title, abstract, and a very brief statement indicating your discipline and areas of geographic, chronological, and thematic focus, as well as any presentation AV needs.

For more details and submission instructions:

Please e-mail materials to Accepted applicants will be notified in early February, with final drafts of accepted papers submitted March 7th.

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