History Department at John Jay College seeks instructors

The History Department at John Jay College seeks instructors for the following courses:


HIS 224 A History of Crime in New York City

3 hours, 3 credits

HIS 224-01 – M/W – 3:05PM – 4:30PM

How criminal entrepreneurs seized the opportunities of their particular eras, from colonial days to the present. Topics include: pirates (Captain Kidd) and smugglers; slave revolts; river and railroad gangs; gambling and prostitution; prohibition-era bootlegging and the rise of organized crime (from the Mafia to Murder Incorporated); stock market fraud; crime on the waterfront; shoplifting; labor and business racketeering; drug dealing; arson for profit; computer fraud; the savings and loan scandal; environmental crime; and street gangs, with special attention to those (Gophers, Westies) in the John Jay neighborhood. Prerequisite: ENG 101


HIS 320 Topics in The History of Crime and Punishment in the United States

3 hours, 3 credits

HIS 320-01 – M/W – 4:30PM – 5:45PM

HIS 320-02 – M/W – 5:55PM – 7:20PM

This course will explore crucial times and events in the struggle for justice in America. Each section will focus on a different historical topic or event; examples include shifting notions of criminal punishment in the United States, the Attica prison riots, or changing notions of police brutality. Students will read both primary source documents and modern texts to examine how the topic under consideration was shaped by, and in turn shaped, contemporary culture.

Prerequisite: ENG 201

Note: This course satisfies the John Jay College Option: Struggle for Justice and Equality in the U.S. (so-level) area of the Gen Ed Program.


Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter to Prof.  Allison Kavey – akavey@jjay.cuny.edu