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3/15- Manage Your Career for Satisfaction and Success

Manage Your Career for Satisfaction and Success

Date & Time
Wednesday, March 15, 2023
12:00 pm – 1:15 pm ET

Virtual Zoom Event


In the fall term, the Office of Career Planning & Professional Development presented a workshop called The First 90 Days at Your New Job. But what about the rest of your career?


In this workshop you will learn about strategies to proactively manage your career that will make your job more satisfying, lead to advancement within your company, and propel you to greener pastures.


This workshop will delve into the standard aspects of work life, such as emails, meetings, teamwork, and performance reviews. Attendees will learn how to avoid pitfalls and use these areas to advance their careers. This will include a discussion of best practices for developing strong and healthy relationships with co-workers and managers.


They will talk candidly about problems faced during the course of a career, including under and overly demanding jobs; discrimination and sexual harassment; leaves; stress and burnout; loss of a job—and suggest strategies on how to handle each situation.


Finally, they will address how to best get promotions and move ahead in your career by improving your verbal communication skills, embracing training opportunities and proactively taking initiative in a careful and thoughtful way.