5/5 – GC Digital Fellows Workshop: Geoprocessing Tools with QGIS

Geoprocessing tools with QGIS

May 5th, 2022 (Thurs) @ 4-5 pm

This workshop is intended to build up on an initial knowledge on the software QGIS. We will cover how to perform operations with vector and raster files within the QGIS environment. Operations with vector will consist of clipping, masking, intersecting, merging and buffering points, lines and polygons, in order to extract additional information from the spatial data one has in hands. Operations with raster will include steps to extract numerical data from raster, and to perform mathematical operations amonger rasters, creating new spatial objects as a result. These skills are valuable for statistical analyses of spatial data, and can be used to anwer specific questions in both social and natural sciences. This workshop will assume basic knowledge of the interface in the software QGIS (i.e., how to load and visualize vector and raster data in this software).

This event will be held online. The meeting link will be distributed to those who register. Please use your CUNY Graduate Center email address when registering. REGISTER HERE

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