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9/28 – Accessible Nutrition for All (includes info on student eligibility for SNAP or WIC benefits)

The Student Wellness Center will kick of the academic year’s series of monthly workshops with a webinar on Accessible Nutrition for All: Financial Support for Shopping at Farmers Markets, Groceries, and Beyond.

Description of Workshop:

  1. Determine student eligibility for SNAP or WIC benefits for supplement food income  
  2. Learn how to prepare and submit an application 
  3. Learn how to use SNAP and WIC benefits at the farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and beyond  


When: Thursday, September 28, 2023, at 3:30pm, on Zoom

Registration required, sign up here with your GC or Journalism School email address


Workshop Facilitator:

Joel Berg is a nationally recognized leader and media spokesman in the fields of domestic hunger, food security, obesity, poverty, food-related economic development, national service, and volunteerism. He is CEO of Hunger Free America, formerly known as the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. Since joining the organization in 2001, Joel has grown the nonprofit into a respected national champion for Americans struggling to obtain nutritious food. Hunger Free America is building a nonpartisan coast-to-coast grassroots movement to enact the economic policies and programs needed to address the problem of domestic hunger and accessible nutrition. Joel and his team advocate for systemic change across the country, seeking higher wages, more living wage jobs, and a stronger nutrition safety net. He is the author of All You Can Eat: How Hungry Is America?, and Seven Stories Press just published his second book, “America We Need to Talk: a Self Help Book for the Nation, which Toni Morrison called important and entertaining.

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