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Climate Justice events with the PublicsLab – 2/22 and 3/1

The PublicsLab at The Graduate Center, City University of New York is part of an initiative to transform doctoral education in the humanities.  It provides support for the Mellon Humanities Public Fellows, sponsors events and fellowships related to public scholarship, and serves as a resource for faculty and students who are interested in making their work more public.


Documenting Climate Change and Its Impact: A Virtual Exhibit and Conversation with Photographers and Videographers

Tuesday, 22 February



In moments of historic crisis, art often emerges as one way humanity wrestles with what is happening around us. In this virtual exhibition, photographers and filmmakers who have dedicated their lives to documenting the climate crisis come together to showcase their work and provide insight into what they have learned while traveling the world and witnessing the effects of climate change. In a media landscape dominated by grim climate news, these media makers demonstrate the importance of optimism, beauty, and a commitment to justice.


Why Climate Justice Matters and How Scholars Can Help

Tuesday, 1 March



While large corporations and the wealthiest nations are primarily responsible for the fossil fuel emissions that drive the climate crisis we are now facing, the worst impacts of that crisis will be felt most keenly in communities around the globe that have not benefited from rapid industrialization. Climate justice has emerged as a concept that acknowledges this disparity and calls for approaches that center the experiences and voices of communities that face the greatest threats.

In this panel, experts representing the fields of ecology, earth and environmental sciences, journalism, and indigenous activism will discuss their own approaches to climate justice and what those of us in the academy can do to help the cause through our own teaching, research, and activism.