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GC Global Studies Collective: Examining South Africa’s Ongoing Transition

GC Global Studies Collective

Hillbrow, Johannesburg: Examining South Africa’s Ongoing Transition Through the Lens of One Inner-City Neighborhood

A Lecture


Monday, December 9

3:00 and 5:00 pm

Room 5489

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In the 1970s it was an Apartheid-designated ‘whites only’ area but soon became a ‘grey area’, where people of different ethnicities lived together. It acquired a cosmopolitan and politically progressive feel, it was one of the first identifiable gay and lesbian areas in urban South Africa, but due to poor planning its infrastructure could not cope with the rapid population growth.[2] This, together with lack of investment led to an exodus of middle class residents in the 1980s and the decay of major buildings, leaving in its wake an urban slum by the 1990s. (Alan, Morris) 


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