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at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

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HISTORY LOUNGE Rm. 5114; THURSDAY, DEC. 10 @ 1PM & 2:30PM (Feel free to attend either session)

There are over 1000 Graduate Assistants in our union. But because we have mostly been unorganized and invisible, we have had to rely on others, who don’t even know our mostly unique issues, to champion our interests. And so, we’ve fallen through the cracks. For example, we are now exploring the possibility that some contractual provisions relating to mandated increases in our wages have not been applied.


If you are interested in the issues our union bargains and defends – wages, benefits, working conditions – you shouldn’t be waiting for someone to serve you (or often, not). A good union, one that thrives best, is of and by the workers (that’s us), not just for the workers.


This is the first of a planned series of organizational meetings around the Graduate Center. We urge you to come and listen, but especially to begin to think about, discuss, and plan how we can utilize our numbers, our skills, and our union to improve our lives as intellectual workers.




  1. Wage Increases and other Contractual Issues: These include (but are not limited to) the prospects of a wage increase – how will it apply to Graduate Assistants and extra Adjunct work? – continuation of health benefits after five years, and Adjunct work security.


  1. Membership and Strike Authorization Vote: Less than 40% of us are members of the union, and can vote for union officers and on the terms of the contract that sets our wages, benefits, and work conditions. Discussion of the reasons for, and implications of, the strike authorization vote that our union’s leaders are proposing.


  1. Open Floor – Discussion: What are the issues that Graduate Assistants face? How should we be addressing them?



Luke Elliott-Negri

Graduate Center PSC Chapter Chair; Grad Assistant B, Sociology


Marc Kagan

Grad Assistant B, History; Contact at:


Tahir Butt

Graduate Center PSC Alternate Delegate; Grad Assistant A, Urban Education


Jeremy Sawyer

Graduate Center PSC Alternate Delegate; Grad Assistant B, Psychology