History Dept. at Wagner College Offers an Adjunct Position

The History Department at Wagner College has an adjunct position we are looking to fill for the fall of 2015. The course is “The History of New York City” a 200 level class that meets 2 90 minute sessions a week.

Course Description:
HI 225 History of New York City.
One unit. This course explores the history of New York City from the founding of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to present day. Because of its broad historical sweep, the course does not touch upon every aspect of the city’s history, but rather introduces students to major issues of each era and examines some selected topics in greater depth. Special emphasis will be placed upon the experiences of different social classes and ethnic groups. Issues addressed in this course include: What has been unique about New York’s urban environment? How have ethnic, racial, class divisions shaped the history of the city? How have immigrants been central to the history of New York City? What has been the relationship of New York to the rest of America? What contributions has New York made to America’s political, economic and cultural traditions?

We would appreciate it if you would circulate this email to any interested ph.d. students looking to gain teaching experience. Please have them email a current vita, graduate transcript and sample syllabus as soon as possible to Rita.reynolds@Wagner.edu.

I can also be reached by phone at 718-390-3491.

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