March 29 Graduate Center Students Assembly, Part II

Graduate Center Students Assembly, Part II

Tuesday, March 29, 6:30-8:30pm

365 Fifth Ave, Room 5409

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– bring friends & snacks –


Come gather with masters and doctoral students across (ideally!) all GC programs to check in after a busy few months, hear reports and reflections, and build for what comes after Cuomo’s April 1 budget deadline

(for which $485 million budget cuts to CUNY have been halted for now!)[]


​the ​

ongoing PSC strike authorization campaign. We’ll also discuss how Chicago, SUNY, and


University of Puerto Rico students and teachers are struggling on similar education issues.


At the Graduate Center, we want to create a larger, transparent, cohesive network of activated students in each program to have better communication / coordination / direction as we go forward… We would love your input in manifesting this.



Further reading:

Notes from the February 22 GC students assembly, Part I. 

Step-by-step process of passing the ESA resolution.[]



Upcoming events calendar:

*March 31 @11am: Adjunct Project budget transparency session, room TBA

… and @4pm: Rally Against CUNY Cuts – Hunter College

*April 2 @10am-6pm: “The Work of Settler-Colonialism” Conference – Graduate Center

*April 5-6: “Breaking Broken Windows” Conference – Graduate Center

*April 12 @7pm: “China on Strike”: Worker-Activists Speaking Tour – Graduate Center

*May 1: International Workers Day


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