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Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting Seeks Intern

Assist an historian and recovering lawyer launch a new brand for her coaching business supporting non-fiction writers, including academics and lawyers, to create the social change they want to see in this world and in this country. Help resistant souls implement their societal vision.

How? Work as an intern launching events to grow the brand with the possibility of additional duties including proposal writing for institutional clients.

Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting Services is looking for someone who is:

·     Vested in social change;

·     Unafraid to build community;

·     Wants to engage with new people;

·     Doesn’t burn themselves out and takes care of themselves;

·     Ambitious;

·     Organized;

·     Energetic and game for a wild ride;

·     Likes holding others accountable and being held accountable;

·     Works around obstacles;

·     Unafraid to ask for help; and

·     Curious.

Why should you consider this? You will develop contacts with other academics who could support your career whether inside or outside of academia. You will develop other skills such as building a newsletter list and writing newsletter posts, marketing skills, blogging, and event planning.

What do you get? A chance to expand the skills you develop in graduate school and either (1) free coaching support for a semester or (2) a complementary semester-long spot in the Get a Life and Write program designed to provide structure and support for submitting an article to an academic journal. There may be financial remuneration at a future point.

Be part of supporting resistant souls to implement the societal change they seek!

Interested? Email Michelle Thompson at stating your interest in the position and where you see your life in twenty years.

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