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November 30th: Rank-and-File CUNY Actions for $7k and Free Tuition!

To kick off negotiations for the coming PSC-CUNY contract, CUNY Struggle, Free CUNY, CUNY Workers United, CUNY DSA, Adjunct Project, and the Graduate Center chapter PSC-CUNY are co-organizing this independent day of action.


Thursday, Nov 30

* Bronx Community College, 2pm, Main Quad

* Graduate Center, 12:30-2pm, Dining Commons

* Hunter, 3pm, Hunter College West


On November 30, PSC-CUNY’s contract expires and most CUNY teachers and staff begin working without a contract. Even though CUNY continues to pay its adjunct professors starvation wages, tuition is still climbing for students.

Join us on 3 campuses across CUNY to kick off the campaign for the next PSC-CUNY contract, demanding a $7k/class minimum salary for adjuncts and free tuition for CUNY students! Everyone is welcome: CUNY students, staff, faculty, friends, family, and neighbors.

Why are we rallying?

The last PSC-CUNY contract deepened the inequality in CUNY’s workforce, with the biggest raises going to the highest-paid faculty and staff at CUNY. Meanwhile the Board of Trustees and college presidents make six-figure salaries. The City and State could fund CUNY if they wanted to. We aren’t a priority for them because we aren’t fighting for it. If we are united, we’ll be unstoppable!

We demand a $7k minimum wage per course for adjuncts in the CUNY system — in the next PSC-CUNY contract, and not a second later. This is an issue of economic justice for the educators who teach New York City’s working class college students. We also demand free tuition for CUNY students. There’s enough wealth in New York City to make this happen if we chop from the top.

We kicked off the school year with a lively demonstration outside Governor Cuomo’s Manhattan office, and marched to CUNY Central where our message was clear: the time has come for economic justice in the CUNY system! We were joined by students who spoke of the challenges facing working class New Yorkers as tuition rises. These struggles are connected and require a united campaign to resist austerity at CUNY.

CUNY can be free again and adjuncts can make the living wage they deserve. But nobody is going to give this to us just because we make a moral argument. No politician, CUNY administrator, or NYC millionaire will take our demand for $7k and free tuition seriously until we show them how powerful we can be!

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