Part-time research employment position

An Associate Professor from the Department of Social Work and Disability Studies at the College of Staten Island-CUNY is looking to fill a part-time position for Research Assistant through the CUNY category of “College Assistant.” Professor Vandana Chaudhry is a faculty member with a visual impairment and is looking to hire an advanced graduate student (preferably a Ph. D. student) to assist with research and to facilitate informational access, as she completes her manuscript. Her ethnographic research is broadly in the areas of disability justice (particularly in the Global South), late capitalism, digital governance, and financialization, and social justice struggles around these processes in South Asia, particularly India.


You will assist with research pertaining to Disability Studies, Transnational Development, Social Work, and the like. The position is for 15 hours/week at a rate of $22/hour, with health insurance and other CUNY benefits after three months.


The position is ideal for mid to advanced doctoral students, who would like to develop research and writing skills. Additionally, they will gain an orientation to faculty and academic life. Individuals with an interest in any of the following are strongly encouraged to apply: social justice, the geopolitics of inequality in the Global South, critical development studies, disability studies, and related topics.


This is a remote, research-oriented position. Responsibilities include assistance with the following:


  • Academic research and writing–i.e., accessing interdisciplinary research resources, literature reviews, and editing
  • Grant-writing–i.e., searching grant databases and grant proposal editing
  • Other administrative duties as needed–i.e., document conversion/scanning, visual formatting, copyediting, etc.




  • Strong writing and communication skills both in terms of research and navigating access
  • Strong organizational and time management skills and an ability to work independently
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and other online platforms used to streamline work (especially Blackboard and Dropbox), online meeting platforms like Zoom
  • Background in the social sciences or humanities


Please email Dr. Vandana Chaudhry with your Resumé/CV at For additional details, call (312) 451-3884.


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