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The Graduate Center Fall 2015 Conference Presentation Support Application is now available

The Graduate Center Fall 2015 Conference Presentation Support Application is now available. Fall 2015 applications are for participation at scholarly conferences between June 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.  We will start accepting the Fall 2015 applications on Monday, October 5.  The instructions and application can be found on the Graduate Center’s webpage:


Students must attach to their application documentation of acceptance to present or participate at the conference, i.e., a letter or email confirmation from the conference organizers stating that their abstract, presentation proposal, or research project has been accepted for conference presentation.  To receive this funding, even if a student’s application was approved, the student’s academic affiliation MUST be listed in the conference program, printed and/or online, as The Graduate Center, CUNY.


**And remind your students that for ALL international academic travel, whether for research or for going to conferences (participating or just attending), they MUST purchase international academic travel insurance, either CISI or an equivalent.  This is a University requirement for all CUNY students.  The insurance must include evacuation for both medical and security reasons.  Students must submit the three required forms at least two weeks prior to their departure.  This requirement is not dependent upon the students receiving any type of funding from CUNY, not from the Graduate Center, the Research Foundation, any program funds, any grant funds, any faculty grants, etc.  Submission of these forms after their return is not acceptable.  This is the link from the Graduate Center’s homepage:


If you or your students have questions regarding the Conference Presentation Support Application or the required international academic travel insurance, please have them contact our office.


Office of Vice President for Student Affairs

The Graduate Center, CUNY

365 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10016

212/817-7400,  fax 212/817-1621