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If you haven’t fully experienced the Versatile PhD website, then take a moment to take advantage of the range of resources available to explore non-academic careers that can utilize the skills you are developing in graduate school. Remember, the Versatile PhD is a web-based resource that you can use anytime, from any computer, confidentially. There you will find:


–        A thriving, supportive web-based community where you can participate in discussions, network with PhDs and ABDs outside the academy, or just listen and learn by lurking in the background (although we strongly recommend more active networking!)


–        Detail-rich Panel Discussions in which Versatile PhDs working in a given non-academic field describe their jobs and answer questions from grad students like you.  Past topics include Freelance Writing and Editing, Higher Education Consulting, Management Consulting, Federal Government and University Administration. Panelists include PhDs from STEM, humanities, and social science backgrounds. Archived panel discussions are available within the premium content for you to access today.


–        Examples of successful resumes and cover letters that resulted in humanities and social science PhDs and ABDs getting their first post-academic positions (STEM resources will be added to this section in due course)


–        Compelling first-person narratives written by successful humanities and social science PhDs and ABDs who have gone on to non-academic careers, describing how their careers have developed after grad school and where they are today


To access Versatile PhD’s Premium Content, please visit this page (the link is on the left):




Upcoming Versatile PhD meet up—this Sunday—great opportunity to network  


Please join us on Sunday, April 28, at 4 p.m.-6 p.m. at the Whole Foods Cafe on Columbus Avenue at 97th Street (convenient to the 1, 2, 3, B, and C trains). Look for the sign on the table. This month’s meetup is being hosted by Tracy and Carmen. We invite you to prepare a thirty-second “elevator speech” describing your post-academic story. After introductions, we will devote most of the meeting to informal networking.


RSVP by e-mail to


or on Meetup:


NYC VersatilePhD provides monthly networking opportunities for humanities and social science PhDs, ABDs and students currently in PhD programs who are considering, or have followed, career paths outside of academia. We also welcome students of other disciplines contemplating non-traditional career paths.


Our LinkedIn group now includes over 200 members in the New York area and beyond who work in areas as varied as advertising, analytics, editing, electronics, the environment, ethics, ethnography, film, finance, healthcare, history, law, marketing, museums, neuroscience, nonprofit, policy, publishing, real estate, strategy, teaching and translation.


DONATIONS: We welcome all members, and do not charge a set fee for attendance because nobody should feel excluded if cost is an issue. However, we do pay $144/yr for Meetup. If you have not already made a donation, please consider donating whatever you can to help keep NYC VersatilePhD afloat.




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