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New Caucus and Fusion Independents (NCFI): Vote This Week

We hope you will read our materials and that you will vote NCFI! We urge you to mail in your ballot by the end of this week at the latest, to be sure that it is in on time!


A Vote for NCFI is a Vote for Solidarity! []

New Caucus and Fusion Independents believe that solidarity is key to success in the PSC: it is a core value that we are modeling with the composition of our slate.


7K Now![]

The demand for adjunct parity has been a central issue this election cycle. What does it take to achieve this goal?


Why Independents?[]

Who are the independents on our slate? And why are they running on a fusion slate?


Frances Fox Piven Endorses NFCI[]

We’re honored to have the endorsement of the great Frances Fox Piven. Frances explains why she’s voting NFCI.


A Personal Response to CUNY Struggle[]

Penny Lewis, Academic Director and Associate Professor of Labors Studies at the Murphy Institute for Worker Education, responds to misconceptions of our slate as promoted by our opponents

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