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  • TPII

    4/12 – Grant Writing Workshop with Dr. Karen Kelsky

    Join us for a four-hour grant writing workshop led by Karen Kelsky, nationally-known academic consultant who  blogs as “The Professor Is In.” Dr. Kelsky will offer tangible strategies for grant-writing, including how to think like the selection committee, how to structure your grant proposal, and […]

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  • ed the squirrel at bronx community college

    Professional Development: Interviewing at a Teaching College via InsideHigherEd

    John Fea offers advice on interviewing at a teaching college at  Among his suggestions: There will be some interviews in which the members of a search committee do not even ask you about your research. Don’t be offended by this or assume that it […]

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  • Subway 1 train Special

    Professional Development: Perspectives Forum on “The Future of the Discipline”

    History Program doctoral candidate Paul Schweigert recommends the forum on “The Future of the Discipline” (guest edited by Lynn Hunt) in this month’s issue of the American Historical Association’s Perspectives magazine. The articles include: The Prospects of the Present By Lynn Hunt The Future of the Profession By Benjamin […]

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  • buildings manhattan skyline

    Professional Development: Tips for Phone Interviews from Lifehacker

    Interviews for tenure-track faculty jobs usually take place at the American Historical Association meeting just after New Year’s, on the telephone, or on Skype.  A telephone interview can be nerve-wracking due to the complete lack of body language cues from the committee, but according to […]

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  • parade on 5th avenue manhattan

    Professional Development: Blog Post about Impostor Syndrome on TPII

    Dr. Karen Kelsky’s blog has a fantastic new guest post by Phyllis L. F. Rippeyoung, an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Ottawa, on the lasting feelings of being an impostor in academia.  She discusses her own feeling of being an impostor, even […]

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  • empire state building manhattan

    Professional Development: Brief Recap of the “How to Win Grants and Fellowships” Discussion

    On Monday, December 3rd, Professor Timothy Alborn, Professor Dagmar Herzog, and Professor Michael Rawson shared their experiences and insights as both grant applicants and evaluators for a History Program professional development event entitled “How to Win Grants and Fellowships.”  I’ve written a brief recap of the […]

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  • central park mahattan

    Professional Development: Feeling Like an Impostor in Graduate School and on the Job Market

    Steven J. Corbett and Teagan E. Decker write about feeling like an impostor in graduate school and on the job market for a two-part series on  According to researchers, Impostor Syndrome is most common among women and people from working-class backgrounds: In 1978 psychology […]

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  • 35th street manhattan

    Professional Development: AHA Report on How Historians Earn Tenure

    The American Historical Association released a report (available to AHA members) on how historians earn tenure.  In a piece examining the results of the study, Scott Jaschik writes for that research has become an important factor in tenure deliberations at bachelor’s institutions.  Among the other […]

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    Professional Development: How to List “In Process” Scholarship

    Nate Kreuter writes about “How to Handle ‘In Process’ Work” for  In the piece he lays out the problem confronting newer scholars who wish to report important forthcoming work on a c.v.: Both graduate students entering the job market and junior faculty members undergoing departmental […]

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  • GC8

    Assistance with Finding Grants and Fellowships

    The Graduate Center offers assistance with finding grants and fellowships, as well as access to a number of databases for locating funding opportunities.  For information on funding search support the Graduate Center offers please see the overview of the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs […]

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  • Council for European Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships

    Council for European Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships

    At today’s “How to Win Grants and Fellowships” discussion, Professors Alborn and Herzog mentioned the Council of European Studies’ Pre-Dissertation Fellowships as a possible source of funding.  For more information please see the application website and description below: The Council for European Studies invites eligible […]

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  • GC9

    Professional Development: Building a Career Outside of Academia

    By Rachel Burstein Rachel Burstein is a PhD candidate in History at the CUNY Graduate Center.  Her dissertation examines the public relations strategies of labor unions from 1947-1959.  She also is a researcher at the New America Foundation’s California Civic Innovation Project.  Rachel’s email is […]

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  • Professional Development: CUNY-GC Premium Access to Versatile PhD

    Professional Development: CUNY-GC Premium Access to Versatile PhD

    The Graduate Center subscribes to Versatile PhD, a website that offers information for graduate students and alumni about how to build a career outside of academia.  As a subscribing institution, we now have premium access to: • Hiring Success Stories –authentic resumes and cover letters […]

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  • GC5

    Professional Development: What Do Faculty Member Earn?

    For those of us thinking about tenure-track employment, the actual salaries of faculty members can be a bit of a mystery. To learn more about what faculty members earn at institutions of higher education across the country, check out The Chronicle of Higher Education’s “What Professors Make” […]

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  • Photo Nov 28, 11 46 36 AM

    Professional Development: Community College Teaching as a Viable Career Path (from The Chronicle)

    Rob Jenkins explains why prejudices against teaching at community colleges have no place in today’s job market in an article for The Chronicle of Higher Education: Finding a full-time teaching job at a community college is not necessarily any easier than finding one at a four-year […]

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    Professional Development: How Do I Write and Revise My C.V.?

    By Tracy E. Robey When I wrote my first c.v., I assumed that I just needed to find out how to arrange the headings and dump in my information.  The result wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. The main problem was that my models […]

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  • central park mahattan

    Professional Development: “Why Your Job Cover Letter Sucks” from The Professor Is In

    Dr. Karen Kelsky, former tenured faculty member and chairperson now working as a highly successful consultant to academics, tells you “Why Your Job Cover Letter Sucks (and what you can do to fix it).” In the introduction, she points out that the the vast majority […]

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    Professional Development: How to Write a Cover Letter in The Chronicle

    In The Chronicle, Gary DeCoker shares what the most competitive applicants for his department’s recent tenure-track search did in their cover letters.  To see models of cover letters (written by a GC History Program alumnus now on the tenure-track) that led to AHA interviews last year, […]

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    Professional Development: Job Application Checklist from The Chronicle

    David D. Perlmutter gives an academic job search application checklist in The Chronicle.  To learn more about the documents most often required for tenure-track job applications in History this year, read our post on “What’s in a Tenure-Track Job Application?”

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  • clouds over manhattan

    Professional Development: What’s in a Tenure-Track Job Application?

    By Tracy E. Robey Before going on the academic job market, many of us wonder which documents are required for job applications, yet encountering a long list of documents given on a blog or in a guide to the academic job market can be overwhelming.  […]

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  • atlantic city boardwalk nj

    Professional Development: Academic Job Search Resources and Models

    Academic Job Market Resources and Models The discussion on the academic job market scheduled for Friday, November 2nd has been cancelled (it will be rescheduled in the spring), but we will be posting information about the job market on the blog now to help students […]

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    Professional Development: Chronicle Piece on Careers Outside Academic for History PhDs

    From The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Far from the stereotype of the Ph.D. baristas at Starbucks, career-outcome data (see charts for each of the four institutions here) shows that history Ph.D.’s are thriving in a versatile range of careers. If we remove those who are deceased (2 percent) and […]

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