The Ph.D. Program in History

at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

GC Events

05-05 Visions For The New President–GC Wide Town Hall

Monday May 5th


Room 5414

The DSC is holding a Graduate Center-wide Town Hall on the Presidential Search where we will discuss our visions for the new president.

The forum will be open to all but speaking priority will be given to students and staff. Faculty is of course invited and welcome to speak but we want to make sure we hear from students and staff first who have had the least opportunity to date to provide feedback. Faculty and student members of the committee will be invited to attend to hear the concerns generated and answer questions to the best of their ability.

The format/agenda of the forum will be to:

1) Solicit from the community the following: important characteristics they would like to see in the new president, what type of issues they feel the new president must address, and visions for an improved GC that they would like the new president to take on.

2) Go over the timeline of the search process (see below) to inform the community of various moments in which feedback can be provided and to whom.
The goals of the forum will be to:

1) Based on agenda item 1: The DSC will create a list of priorities, characteristics, issues of relevance and concern and forward these to the members of the search committee and eventually to the President elect. Notes from this meeting will be posted on the DSC website at:

2) Based on agenda item 2: Clarify the timeline (currently described below as it now stands) and inform the community of additional opportunities to provide input.

At no time will specific candidates or presumed candidates be discussed since this information is confidential and none of the candidates have gone public with their application. The moderator of the meeting will shut down any conversations of this nature.

*If you have issues that you would like to address but can’t make the meeting please send them to by Monday afternoon.