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2/24 – Identify Your Mission, Anchor Your Career Vision

A mission-driven career is key for many graduate students and alumni, but finding meaningful work is not always easy. In this engaging workshop we will focus on career success through mission and meaning, and address critical questions to assist in that quest. How does one identify mission and ensure that it aligns with values, principles, skills, and career goals? What is the difference between purpose and mission? How best to look for mission-driven careers? Importantly, in this session we will show you how to inject meaning in any career endeavor and stay on track even as challenges arise. The workshop will be led by CUNY alumna Dr. Sylvia Atsalis, primatologist and capacity builder. Dr. Atsalis has followed a nontraditional career path that includes teaching, research, conservation, and national & international capacity building.  A National Geographic Explorer (Madagascar), and current Fulbright Scholar (Suriname), Dr. Atsalis is also the founder of Professional Development for Good, an independent consulting practice that supports service nonprofits and civically & environmentally minded young professionals. Website | LinkedIn |


Thursday, February 24, 2022
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

Location: Virtual Zoom Event