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4/20 – Race-Based Trauma: What You Are Experiencing IS Real

Within this workshop, graduate students will learn about the concept of race based trauma and the corresponding mental health symptoms that they might be experiencing while operating in the world with their numerous minority identities. The workshop will speak about race-based trauma in the context of current events such as the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality, and COVID-19. The facilitators will provide tools to assist in gaining awareness about the impact that race based trauma has on the mental health of BIPOC individuals, and will offer coping mechanisms as a means of reducing distress and receiving increased support within their personal and educational community. The workshop will also speak to the ways in which allies and confederates can be supportive of their friends/family members/colleagues/etc. of color who experience race-based trauma within their daily lives. Students will have the opportunity to discuss, process, and connect on their experiences within a safe space.​

Tuesday April 20, 2021, 5:30-7:00pm EST via Zoom

This workshop will be led by Dr. Ranjana Srinivasan of Nascent Consulting and Dave Cazeau, LCSW of Student Counseling Services at The Graduate Center.

Please note that this workshop is open to registered graduate students of the CUNY Graduate Center & Journalism School only.
Register in advance for this meeting (PLEASE USE YOUR GC OR SOJ EMAIL ADDRESS)

Zoom Expectations:  Attendees are encouraged to participate in this workshop.  Therefore, we ask that you keep your video and audio on especially during the introduction phase. ​

Sponsored by the GC Wellness Center

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