The Ph.D. Program in History

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History Program Events

4/3 – Prof. Lale Can’s faculty membership seminar

Prof. Lale Can’s GC PhD Program in History faculty membership seminar will be held viz Zoom on Friday, April 3, 3:00-4:30. Students and faculty in the program are invited to attend. If interested, please email Marilyn for more information

Prof. Can’s specialty is the late Ottoman Empire, but we expect her seminar to appeal to colleagues in other fields, as well.  She is interested in larger questions of migration, imperial citizenship, legal history, and nationalism, and her book, coming out this year from Stanford Univ Press, looks at religious pilgrimage by Central Asians within the empire.  She considers “how the roads to Mecca paved the way for Central Asian pilgrims to become Ottoman subjects and, later, citizens of the Turkish Republic. It follows pilgrims from Russian and Chinese Turkestan to Istanbul and Arabia, and traces how Ottoman assertions of power through the Caliphate produced a new kind of subject that transcended the legal categories of ‘Ottoman’ and ‘foreigner’.”

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