4/30 – Digital Annotation with Hypothes.is (GCDI workshop)

In the transition to online courses, have you been looking for a way to
collaboratively annotate shared texts? Whether you are assigning group work
that requires close reading of texts or working with remote research
partners to review a shared document, Hypothes.is offers a free, open
source, web-based solution for collaborative annotation. Come hear about
how to get started reading and writing together while physically distant.
This one-hour workshop requires no prior experience or technical knowledge.
The event is free and open to all GC students, faculty, and staff; however,
registration is required. Registered participants will receive an email
with a link and password for the virtual workshop one-hour prior to the
start. Learn more and register HERE

*Digital Annotation with Hypothes.is*

*Thursday, April 30 at 3 – 4 PM EST*



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