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4/7 – Prof. Christopher Ebert’s faculty membership seminar

I write to invite you to the faculty membership seminar for Prof. Christopher Ebert (Brooklyn College), an early modern Atlanticist whose work concerns the history of trade between Europe and Brazil.


Once again we have a scholar whose interests should appeal to a number of our constituencies. Prof. Ebert’s essay, “Disembedding Salvador da Bahia from its Hinterland: Economic and Social Aspects of a Proto-global City in Brazil, 1650-1750”, concerns the aftermath of the departure of the Dutch West India Company from Brazil, and growing relationships between Salvador da Bahia and Portuguese India (Goa)—to such an extent that we may wonder what is “proto-“ about this “global”.


The seminar will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, April 7, 1:30-3:00. Please write to Marilyn for his CV and a work-in-progress article, as well as the link to join the meeting.