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5/1 – Liv Yarrow’s Membership Seminar

Liv Yarrow’s Membership Seminar will be on Friday, May 1, 10:30am-12:00.   Please RSVP to Marilyn, who will send the link to the zoom meeting.


Attached are the CV, a work-in-progress article, and a memo from Prof. Yarrow about her fundraising plans for graduate studies in her field.  The article includes a just-for-us preface, which defines certain terms and contextualizes the piece within larger issues of Roman history, for those of you who are not familiar with the field.


Once again, we expect that colleagues outside of the presenter’s field (the Roman Republic) will nonetheless have much to gain from the seminar.  Note in the CV Prof. Yarrow’s experience in conference-planning beyond her field, including a conference on debt bondage featuring Orlando Patterson and an event on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico featuring Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto, mayor of San Juan.


Prof. Yarrow is also a practitioner of Public History.  Note the “flash conference” which she is organizing for May 2 (the day after our seminar): (which, among other things, addresses the absence of  scholarship by women in a recent list of prominent works of Roman history).  The rest of Prof. Yarrow’s blog,, is also worth perusing—lots of stuff for any rainy afternoon.