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A new Genocide in Guatemala? Dec 8 @3.15pm

Are we witnessing the rehashing of Genocide in Guatemala?

On the eve of the year 2012, Popol Vuh Itinerante-AELLA presents the documentary:

Totonicapán LLora a sus Mártires (Totonicapán Weeps for her Martyrs)

Screening followed by discussion

We will read fragments from the Popol Vuh, the sacred Mayan Book and reflect on the real meaning of the Year 12

Graduate Center, 365 5th avenue, New York, NY, 10016, room #5414 (ID required) Saturday, December 8, 3:15pm

1954 marks the beginning of 4 decades of military rule in Guatemala. Outcome: brutality, racism, state terrorism, tortures, 660 massacres, expropriations, 200,000 deaths, 50,000 disappeared. In May of 2012 President Otto Molina decreed martial law in Barillas. Outcome: 17 arrested, an entire community terrorized by the army. In October 2012, the army and the police opened fire on a peaceful protest organized by 48 Maya-K’iche’ communities. Outcome: 8 dead, 35 wounded, brutal intimidations. In October 2012, over 700 families were violently evicted in Alta Verapaz; over 670 police officers participated in the operative coordinated by the landowner. Outcome: women, babies, children, and pregnant mothers attacked with smoke bombs, two missing children, destruction and burning of 230 houses, and of corn, beans and plantain fields.