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April 26-27 Italy and the Euro-Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: National Reception, Lived Experiences, E.U. Pressures

Columbia University, Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Montclair State University, Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Euro-Mediterranean migrant crisis prompted by the turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East continues to be discussed with increasing frequency in the media as well as in public debates featuring experts from diverse backgrounds. Still, among the various perspectives presented, the Italian one has not been as central as its crucial role in the arrivals of both economic migrants and political refugees would warrant. Italy’s unique position in geographical and political terms as an established country of immigration – and one with a long history of emigration – offers materials for a fruitful reflection not just on a national case but on the entire Mediterranean scenario and its effects on the supranational stability of the E.U.

A two-day event scheduled for April 26-27, 2017 will address Italy and the Euro-Mediterranean Migrant crisis. On the first day, at Columbia University (New York City), a panel of experts including Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham, UK), Enrica Rigo (Università di Roma Tre, Italy), Giuseppe Campesi (Università di Bari, Italy) and Teresa Fiore (Montclair State University, NJ) will discuss: the reception of the migrants in Italy through both formal and informal regimes; the post-arrival lived experience of the migrants; and the role of the EU Migration Agency Frontex in implementing the EU Agenda on Migration. On the second day, at Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ), the screening of the 2014 film Come il peso dell’acqua, followed by a Q&A with the director Andrea Segre and moderator José Moya (Barnard College, New York City), will be the occasion to further debate issues of migration in the Mediterranean and its representation in the media and in the arts.

Both parts of the program are public events designed to speak to a broad audience along with scholars and practitioners in the field.

Organized by Ernest Ialongo (Hostos Community College, CUNY; Chair, Columbia University Seminar in Modern Italian Studies) and Teresa Fiore (Inserra Endowed Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies, Montclair State University), with the support of the Columbia University Seminars Office, the Columbia University Seminar in Modern Italian Studies, and the Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies at Montclair State University, with the co-sponsorship of The Forum on Migration at Barnard College/Columbia University, and in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute.

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