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Dec. 12 Call for Papers: Fordham University GSA Panel on Change and Its Challenges

The Graduate Student Association of Fordham University presents an interdisciplinary conference on February 28th, 2015.

Change is nothing new. Academics and public intellectuals have always struggled with change, examining its nature and effects through the lenses of literature, science, philosophy, theology, sociology, economics, and psychology. These studies have regarded change as a driving force, variously positive and negative, but always present. This conference will explore change as a theme and inspiration of both academic discourse and scientific exploration, from antiquity to the present day and beyond.

We invite papers/posters and panel/session proposals from all disciplines focusing on works from any period that explore change as it is discussed in literature, philosophy, theory, art, film, science, or society and its effects on the study of the same. Possible topics falling under this heading include, but are not limited to: Difficulties posed by change; Persistence of identity throughout change; Varieties of change; Conditions of change; Beginning and ending; Change and the individual; Climate and environmental change; Regime change and revolution; Paradigm shifts; Gender; Race; Education; Representation; Love; Death; Scientific change; Evolutionary change; and Societal change.

To submit to the conference please go to our website and follow the directions.

Panel/Session Proposals due by NOVEMBER 21
**Note: Panels/Sessions will be accepted on a rolling basis and posted to our website.

Individual Paper Abstracts due by DECEMBER 12

Please feel free to email us with any questions at