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December 13 Civil Society Workshop: “How Do Civil Society Organizations Cope with the Durability of Authoritarian Regime in Vietnam?”

Trang Kelly, PhD Candidate, Social Welfare, CUNY

There is great need for social welfare provision in Vietnam, yet the government tries to control civil society organizations (CSOs) who have directly provided services in meeting the clients’ urgent needs. Based on the 15 in-depth interviews with the 15 senior leaders of leading social service organizations in five Vietnamese cities: Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho, this study examines the disparity in power and resources between CSOs and government agencies in providing social services for children in Vietnam. International Donors (IDs) also play a role in providing social services. Although as an external sector, IDs indirectly affect the relationship between CSOs and government agencies based on the agenda/proposal requirements. The purpose of the study is (1) to elucidate how social service providers, or CSOs improve service to children within the current service structure, and (2) to learn how CSOs manage their relationships with government entities.

We will meet in room 5401 at 1:00pm (Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society)