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December 8 – CAVEAT: Today’s Headlines Are Old News

Ever look at today’s top news stories and wonder how we got here? The Yearly Show’s here to remind you that today’s headlines are old news. The Yearly Show is a public history project that uses humor to provide historical context for current events. Each month, our team of crack comedian correspondents (led by NYU History PhD candidate Michael Salgarolo) zoom in on ONE SINGLE YEAR in American history and bring you the overlooked and unexpected stories that shaped our world today. This month: 1969! Student protesters confront a right-wing president, an escalation of the drug war on the Mexican border, a vocal but divided LGBT community…any of this sound familiar? Get ready, we’ve got all the wild stories that prove 50 years ago was just long enough for us to do it all over again!

When: Sunday, December 8th, 9:30 PM

Where: Caveat, 21A Clinton St., New York, NY 10002


$5 Tickets available here:


CAVEAT is a downtown venue that puts on kick-ass, smart events. We’re redefining the boundary between intellect and entertainment. When the thirst for knowledge hits, you don’t have to sit at home watching TED Talks or binge-reading Wikipedia: this is a home for people who love learning, playing, and getting tipsy. Come for the oddball programming – stay for the beer, food and curious company.