DSC: Program Representatives Nominations

Want to have a more active role in shared governance at the Graduate Center or CUNY? Want your program to have access to funds via the DSC? Consider nominating fellow students or yourself for a position on the Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (DSC) of the Graduate Center! The nominations ballot for 2018-2019 elections of representatives remains open only a little while longer, until today, March 1 (at 11:59 pm) here: https://eballot4.votenet.com/dsc[eballot4.votenet.com]


You can see the list of all positions up for nomination, their descriptions, and duties, as well as eligibility requirements, at http://cunydsc.org/elections/. If you want to see who your program reps are this year–or if you have any representatives this year–you can find that information here: http://cunydsc.org/program-representatives/, Note that your program needs to have at least one representative to have access to program allocation $$ from the DSC. 


You can nominate other registered students and/or yourself!


If you find yourself unable to access nominations through the link above: any enrolled student may also make a nomination February 1- March 1 via email to ccsa@cunydsc.org. After students are contacted about their nominations in March, the elections ballot will be open April 1- May 1.


If you have any questions, including about the roles and responsibilities of these DSC positions, please contact the Co-Chair for Student Affairs, Charlotte Thurston, at ccsa@cunydsc.org.

Some FAQS:


1) “I can’t sign in”: If you have any trouble logging in to nominate people, please contact CCSA! One log-in trouble that may come up is with the password, which is first initial + last initial + birth year–if you have more than one last name, try the initial of the FIRST of your last names. 

2) “Can I nominate myself for more than one position” Yes! You can nominate yourselves and others for more than one position (for example, you can nominate yourself for at-large representative AND program representative position).

3) “Oops, I missed the nominations deadline of March 1, 11:59pm. Is it too late to be part of the election?” Fortunately, no–you can enter people during the election as “write-in” options.

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