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From your DSC rep: Information about the DSC’s Resolution Endorsing the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions

Hi history folks,

On April 15th, the DSC will be voting on a resolution endorsing the boycott of Israeli academic institutions. As one of your DSC reps, I will be voting on your behalf. I am circulating the resolution (attached here) to solicit your views on the resolution.

Please read the resolution in its entirety. I am reprinting the active clauses here:

WHEREAS the DSC understands that the boycott of Israeli academic institutions is expressly not the boycott of individual Israeli students or scholars, nor does it prohibit collaboration between DSC representatives and Israeli students and scholars [Erin’s emphasis], but that it is constitutionally protected free speech in support of the Palestinian call for solidarity to end the occupation and colonization of Palestine;

Be it RESOLVED that the DSC will endorse the Palestinian call to boycott Israeli academic institutions for as long as the Israeli state continues to violate Palestinian rights under international law; and

Be it further RESOLVED that the DSC supports the efforts of Students for Justice in Palestine at CUNY and all others engaged in the struggle to end the occupation and colonization of Palestine.

I am also including these resources put together by one of the authors of the resolution:


2. the Right 2 Education website, which has lots of info on the consistent violations of the Palestinian right to education because of the occupation.

3. A video on the need for academic boycott, featuring Palestinian students and faculty.

4. Sean M. Kennedy’s remarks in support of an academic boycott at the Modern Language Association convention this past January. Sean is a GC doctoral student and one of the authors of the resolution.

5. NYU professor Nikhil Pal Singh’s account of traveling in Palestine as part of a U.S. academic delegation.

6. CUNY/GC professor Ashley Dawson’s analysis of the apartheid structures of the occupation.
Looking forward to hearing from you on this. I’d love to chat in person or over email, so please get in touch.