The Ph.D. Program in History

at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

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Fall 2019 – ITP Skills Labs

The Graduate Center ~ Room 6418 ~ 6:30-8:30pm

Planning and Completing a Project | Monday, September 9 | Kimon Keramidas & Michael Mandiberg
This professional development workshop will focus on learning how to acquire skills and plan that out. Through interactive exercises, participants will gain an understanding of how to determine vectors for acquiring skills sets (what related digital workshops will be needed to achieve a development objective).

Wikipedia | Monday, September 16 | Ximena Gallardo
This lab is an introduction to Wikipedia, both as a cultural phenomenon and site of intellectual, political and pedagogical intervention. We will analyze the anatomy of a page, discuss the guiding principles for this knowledge community, and learn some basic editing. No technical knowledge is necessary, though a familiarity with HTML is useful.

The How To’s of Grant Writing | Monday, September 23 | Ashley Marinaccio
This workshop is designed for students who have not had previous experience in writing grant proposals. In this workshop, we will discuss the research and project funding opportunities that are available at the CUNY Graduate Center. Attendees will learn how to talk about their research/projects on grant applications, write data based descriptions of the problem their work is trying to solve, define specific/measurable outcomes, build an evaluation plan, create a budget, and leave with a sample grant application that can be used on future applications.

HTML & CSS Basics | Monday, October 7 | Ayo Deas
Ever wanted to learn how to code? This introductory lab will cover the basics of writing HTML code and styling it with CSS. Gain hands-on experience to send you on your way to building sites. No prior HTML/CSS experience needed.

Digital Annotation with | Wednesday, October 16 | Filipa Calado
Interested in digital, collaborative annotation of texts? Learn about the free, open access tool and its applications in teaching, learning, and research. No prior experience necessary.

Introduction to Photoshop | Monday, October 21 | Jessica Brodsky
Does your research incorporate images or photographs? Join us for a hands-on introduction to editing your visual materials with Photoshop, and preparing them for presentations, embedding, etc. The workshop will cover basic image corrections, cropping, layers, and more. No previous experience required.

Introduction to the Command Line | Monday, October 28 | Kathryn Mercier
This lab is an introduction to command line and basic regular expressions. Come learn a new way to interact with your computer! Skills we will cover in this workshop include: navigating & creating folders; listing, searching & moving batches of files; editing & running shell scripts. No previous experience needed.

Multimodal & Game-based Pedagogy | Monday, November 4 | Kahdeidra Martin
Participants will connect learning theories to student-centered praxis, explore several classroom examples, and take away resources to develop their own teaching materials. This skills lab is a hands-on lesson planning and supportive peer review workshop. Bring your ideas, big or small, and we’ll learn by doing…and doing…and doing again.

Creating Interactive Text with Twine | Monday, November 11 | Raven Gomez & Anthony Wheeler
In this workshop, we will explore practical aspects of designing a choose-your-own-adventure style interactive text. We will use Twine, a free, online tool for creating choice-based games. We will cover not only the “how” of using Twine, but also a bit of the “why,” in terms of game design in general and game-based learning in specific. No prior programming experience will be required.

Data Visualization | Monday, November 18 | Hannah Aizenman
This lab will introduce students to visualization techniques in Excel (such as pivot tables and different chart types) and table-based GIS visualizations. No previous experience needed.

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