Fall 2020 Events – Rutgers Center for European Studies

Events are virtual and open to all

For more information: europe.rutgers.edu

Queer Bauhaus
Elizabeth Otto (SUNY Buffalo)
Cosponsored with the Depts. of Art History & WGSS
Wednesday, September 16 • 4:30 PM

Viceregalism & Political Crises in the Postcolonial World
Harshan Kumarasingham (Edinburgh)
Cosponsored with the Rutgers British Studies Center
+ watch for Nation & Empire accompanying event
Wednesday, September 30 • 11:00 AM

The Ghostly Poetry of Spanish Civil War Exiles
Daniel Aguirre-Oteiza (Harvard)
Thursday, October 15th • 1:00 PM

Politics Online from Above & Below
Naomi Klein, Nishant Shah, Vidya Narayanan, Seda Gürses, Kaarina Nikunen, Alison McDowell
Monday, October 26th • 1:00 PM

Austerity, Authoritarianism, Borders in the Age of COVID
Eleni Takou, RA Judy, Samah Selim, Asli Igsiz, Jini K. Watson, Gary Wilder, Sean Mitchell
Cosponsored with Ideas & Futures
Thursday, October 29th • 2:30 PM; Friday, October 30th • 1 PM

Annual Teach Europe Workshop
Open to NJ High School Teachers
Melissa Feinberg, Karen Bishop, Seth Koven, R. Daniel Kelemen
Friday, October 30th • 9:30 AM

Turkey’s Authoritarian Turn: Perspectives on Foreign, National, and Local Politics
Selin Bengi Gümrükçü, Lisel Hintz, Karabekir Akkoyunlu, Zeynep Gönen
Monday, November 9th • 10:00 AM

Black Lives Matter in Europe
Emily Marker, Gurminder Bhambra, Emilia Roig,
Trica Keaton, Kennetta Perry, Kira Thurman, Eileen Ryan
Cosponsored with Dept. of History
Thursday, November 19th • 12:00 PM

Closed Society: Prison in Germany
Annelie Ramsbrock (ZZF Potsdam)
Cosponsored by the Dept. of GREELL
Monday, November 30th • 11:00 AM

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Franco-Algerian Lives and Laws after Decolonization
Judith Surkis (History)
Local Talent: Europe at Rutgers
Wednesday, December 2 • 4:30 PM

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