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February 11 – “What Makes Gentrification Wrong?” with Margaret Moore

On Tuesday, February 11, we will be hosting Margaret Moore (Queens University, Canada) for a talk entitled “What Makes Gentrification Wrong?” followed by a discussion and a wine and cheese reception. We are excited to host such a distinguished and engaging thinker and hope you will join us for the first event of Spring 2020. The talk will be held at 6:30 pm in Room 5409 of The Graduate Center.

What Makes Gentrification Wrong?

There is widespread agreement about the negative consequences of gentrification, but disagreement on whether and how gentrification might be wrongful. This paper is interested in identifying the wrongs (rather than harms) connected to gentrification. It asks whether there is anything unique about one’s place of occupancy that makes gentrification and/or expulsion from the place one lives particularly problematic and indeed wrongful (in the sense of a violation of rights). It argues that gentrification involves (or typically involves) the violation of three place-related rights: rights to a home; residency rights (grounded in the interests served by located life plans) and occupancy rights (grounded in interests connected to maintaining community).

Margaret Moore is Professor in the Political Studies department at Queen’s University, Canada.  She is the author of four books, amongst which is A Political Theory of Territory, which won the Canadian Philosophical Association Best Book Prize.

You can find the paper here.