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February 26 – TLC: Embodied Learning

Embodied Learning
Wednesday, February 26th

3p-5p | Room 8301

How do we approach and experience teaching and learning as minded bodies? Embodiment in the learning process can become visible in many ways when we teach. Interactive activities inevitably engage the senses; the way we and our students navigate the physical space of the classroom influences how we perceive and are perceived. Our bodies react to class content and interactions in a range of ways, and our learning processed can be physically manifest in a range of ways, some more perceptible than others.

Join the TLC for a workshop on Embodied Learning on Wednesday, February 26th at 3pm. We will explore embodiment as a dynamic set of interactions. We’ll think through how both our bodies and those of our students bring histories and social contexts into classroom interactions. Developing an intentional awareness and engagement of embodiment as a part of the classroom experience can potentially open up new avenues for learning. We will think through what that means in each of our contexts.

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