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Adjunct Project

Applications due: June 18th, 2013


The DSC seeks candidates for the following open positions at the Adjunct Project:

  • Coordinator for Advocacy and Education
  • Coordinator for Labor Relations
  • Coordinator for Organization and Planning


The Adjunct Project advocates on behalf of and disseminates information to and concerning the Graduate Center student adjuncts and those with equivalent teaching responsibilities, with attention given to the CUNY-wide adjunct situation and the state of academic labor as a whole.
The new coordinators will serve from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, with the possibility of reappointment, and be paid an annual stipend of approximately $4,300, which is paid in monthly stipends throughout the year. Applicants must be matriculated Graduate Center students with experience as CUNY adjuncts or adjunct -equivalent roles.

The successful applicants will together will be responsible for:

  • recruiting members for the Adjunct Project;
  • updating website content and producing other publicity regarding issues and events relevant to their domain;
  • stimulating awareness and discussion of adjunct issues among the broader Graduate Center community;
  • ensuring that all activities of the Adjunct Project are consistent with the DSC Constitution and Bylaws; and
  • hiring consultants, contingent on need and funding.

The open position of Coordinator for Advocacy and Education shall be responsible for:

  • serving as primary liaison to graduate student adjuncts;
  • raising awareness of adjunct rights and benefits; and
  • addressing immediate structural or systematic issues affecting graduate student adjuncts.


The open position of Coordinator for Labor Relations shall be responsible for:

  • facilitating reciprocal communication with the PSC and other labor-related entities;
  • representing the interests of graduate student adjuncts to the PSC; and
  • identifying changes in national, state, and local labor relations relevant to graduate student adjuncts.


The open position of Coordinator for Organization and Planning shall be responsible for:

  • organizing regular Adjunct Project meetings and maintaining membership contact lists;
  • maintaining a directory of relevant Graduate Center, CUNY, PSC, and other contacts;
  • receiving input on and facilitating implementation of long-term planning; and
  • serving as official liaison to the DSC.



Please indicate for which position you are applying. If applying more than one position, please address this in your cover letter. Forward CVs and cover letters to Eero Laine, DSC Co-Chair for Student Affairs by Tuesday, June 18th, 2013:


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