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March 1 Civil Society Workshop: “Determinants of the Size and Scope of Lead-Organization Networks for Social Service Delivery: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis Approach”

The Civil Society Workshop is pleased to host a presentation by Bin Chen, Associate Professor at the Marxe School for Public and International Affairs at Baruch College. Join us Thursday, March 1, at 12:30 pm in the Sociology Department, room 6112.01.

Professor Chen will present his research using qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) to determine the effectiveness of nonprofit networks involving a lead organization in the delivery of social services. He will provide an overview of QCA, which is increasingly popular in social science research as an analytical approach and technique that examines the relationships between conditions (the counterparts of explanatory variables in regression analysis) and an outcome using set theory. He will then present his research on 27 community-based family preservation networks in an urban county in the West Coast of the United States. What configurations of necessary and sufficient factors influence lead-organization networks’ outcomes for social service delivery? The analysis identifies four configurations of factors that lead to consequential networks and the other different four configurations of factors associated with the absence of consequential networks.

The Civil Society Workshop is an interdisciplinary space for students and faculty to present research in progress on activism, associations, interest groups, international aid, nonprofits, NGOs, philanthropy and social movements. Join us on Thursdays at 12:30 for other workshops in our Spring 2018 schedule.