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March 12 ETS: Assessment Development Intern

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Job Description


Project Description: SAT Writing Interns will work with ETS staff over an eight-week period to find, write, and develop materials used in the assessment of reading and writing skills in college-bound high school students. Experienced test developers will train and mentor summer interns, introducing them to the best practices associated with assessment development and providing feedback on their work.

Business Goal: Our goal is to increase the quantity and range of materials used in assessing reading and writing skills while introducing summer interns to assessment development.

Project Objectives: Our objectives are to increase the pool of writing material for the SAT and possibly other innovative tests, train interns to write items for passages, and expand the pool of Writing Outside Item Writers (OIWs).

Expected Project Results/Metrics: We expect summer interns to find/write and develop a significant number of writing passages, thereby increasing the pool of materials available for assessing reading and writing skills and the variety of those materials. Successful summer employees may be given the opportunity to make ongoing contributions as outside item writers.

ETS Position This Project May Prepare An Intern For: Assessment Assistant, Assessment Specialist

Experience and Skills


Competencies/Skills Needed: Applicants should have excellent reading, writing, and verbal reasoning skills and a sharp eye for writing that is intellectually challenging and logically coherent. Facility with written materials across a range of disciplines and thorough knowledge of the conventions of standard written English are essential. Required: a B.A. in the humanities and at least one year of graduate study.



This paid summer internship program will provide the opportunity to work with Educational Testing Service staff in developing assessments of writing skills. Summer interns will learn the fundamentals of test design, including principles of test validity and fairness, as well as how to develop the materials and questions used in these assessments.

Candidates must have completed at least one year of graduate study in the humanities or social sciences. Exemplary writing skills and a thorough understanding of English grammar and usage are required. The eight-week program will begin on June 4, 2018. Summer interns will work eight-hour days, Monday to Friday, at the ETS campus in Princeton, NJ. Transportation and housing are not supplied by ETS.

Interested candidates should apply online no later than Monday, March 12

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