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Postponed – now March 12! March 7 Teaching and Learning Center: Resisting the Canon 

Postponed to March 12th in Room 9205

Resisting the Canon

March 7th, 2018 6pm-8pm
Room C203 | Graduate Center

On Wednesday March 7th, the Teaching and Learning Center will host a panel discussion on strategies doctoral student instructors use to resist the canon in their teaching practices. We will engage in dialogue and offer resources for educators interested in incorporating a greater variety of perspectives and voices in the classroom through text selection.

Panelists will include Ana Flavia Badue (Cultural Anthropology Ph.D. program), Hilarie Ashton (English Ph.D. program), Lais Duarte (Cultural Anthropology Ph.D. program) and Sara Deniz Akant (English Ph.D. program).

This panel is the third of a series of events hosted by the Teaching and Learning Center on socially conscious pedagogy. The Developing Socially Conscious Pedagogy Educator Series was started by a group of GC graduate student educators seeking to increase dialogue at the GC about racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism and other marginalizing forces and interlocking systems of oppression. These marginalizing social forces are produced and reproduced in academia, and manifest in multiple forms across the university, including our classrooms. This series seeks to engage-confront-disrupt-resist these systems by inviting educators’ participation in the exploration, imagination and commitment to socially-conscious practices. Previous events in this series included the Educator Positionality Mind Mapping workshop and the Developing a Socially Conscious Praxis workshop. The series will conclude with a collaborative teaching ‘zine meet up later in the spring semester.

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