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at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York

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March 9-10 Center for Jewish Studies International Conference “Italian Jews in Context: Relations, Exchanges, Networks”

International Conference “Italian Jews in Context: Relations, Exchanges, Networks”

CUNY-Graduate Center and Columbia University

March 9 and 10, 2015


March 9, 2015 – CUNY Graduate Center, rooms C202-203


10:30-12:45 Traveling Rabbis and Halakhic Debates
Chair: Kenneth Stow (University of Haifa)

Howard Adelman (Queen’s University)
Women, Wine and Song: Leon Modena and the Mikveh at Rovigo controversy — the Sho”t that were heard around the world

Matt Goldish (Ohio State University)
Abraham Rovigo’s Home as a Center for Itinerant Scholars

David Malkiel (Bar Ilan University)
The Shadar-Host Economy in Early Modern Italy

Cristiana Facchini (University of Bologna)
Wissenschaft des Judentums in Italy: the Third Phase (1890s-1930s)

12:45-1:45 LUNCH (by invitation)

1:45-4:00 Ideas and Texts in Motion across Europe
Chair: Lois Dubin (Smith College)

Alessandro Guetta (Inalco, Paris)
The Italian Translations of Hebrew Literature in the late Renaissance: Jewish and Christian Values Brought Closer?

Clémence Boulouque (Katz Center/UPenn)
Elia Benamozegh’s Printing Presses in Livorno: Mapping Sephardic Identity and Intellectual Networks in the Nineteenth Century

Asher Salah (Bezalel Academy and Katz Center/UPenn)
Wissenschaft des Judentums across the Alps: Intellectual Networks between Italian and German Jewish Intellectuals in the 19th century

Alessandro Grazi (Independent Scholar)
New Trans-Regional and Transnational Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Judaism

4:00-4:15 COFFEE BREAK

4:15-6:00 Philanthropy and Trans-National Jewish Solidarity Networks
Chair: Jane Gerber (CUNY Graduate Center)

Adam Teller (Brown University)
Venetian Jewry and the Polish-Jewish Refugees of the Mid-Seventeenth Century: The Transregional Philanthropic Networks of Early Modern Italian Jews in Action

Evelyne Oliel-Grausz (Sorbonne, Paris)
Livorno and Intercommunal Networks in the 18th century: a Sephardic/Mediterranean Metropolis

Matthias Lehmann (UC Irvine)
La Puerta de la Frankia: Livorno, Istanbul and Pan-Jewish Networks in the Eighteenth Century

7:00 DINNER EVENT AT COLUMBIA (by invitation)


March 10, 2015 – CUNY Graduate Center rooms C202-203


9:15-11:00 The Transformations of a Mediterranean Jewish Hub: the Jews of Livorno between Family Ties and Modern Citizenship
Chair: Benjamin Ravid (Brandeis University)

Bernard Cooperman (University of Maryland)
The Structures of Innovation: Demographic Mobility, Economic Networking, and Institutional Creativity in Pisa/Livorno in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century

Jessica Marglin (University of Southern California)
Nationality and Jewish Law on Trial: The Life and Death of Nissim Shamama

Alyssa Reiman (University of Michigan)
Claiming Livorno: Citizenship, Commerce, and Culture in the Italian Jewish Diaspora

11:00-11:15 COFFEE BREAK

11:15-1:00 Italian Jewish Households and Mediterranean Commercial Networks

Chair: Elisheva Carlebach (Columbia University)

Federica Francesconi (College of Idaho)
Cosmopolitan Intimacy: Commercial Networks, Matrimonial Strategies, and the Jewish Household in Eighteenth-Century Italy

Constanze Kolbe (Indiana University)

Topographies of Commerce: The Making of an Ionian Jewish Adriatic through Newspapers?

Joseph John Viscomi (University of Michigan)
Pontremoli’s Peaches: a Microhistory of an Italian Jewish Family in the Eastern Mediterranean

1:00-2:00 LUNCH (by invitation)

2:00-3:45: Jewish Solidarity Networks in the 20th Century: Facing Racial Persecutions and the Post-War Order
Chair: Ruth Ben-Ghiat (NYU)

Tullia Catalan (University of Trieste)
To be under Observation: Italian Jews and European Jewish Philanthropic Organizations in 1938-39

Arturo Marzano (University of Pisa)
Post-Shoah Relief and Rehabilitation: the Hakhsharot for Jewish DPs in Italy (1945-48)

Marcella Simoni (University of Venice)
Young Italian Jews in Israel and Back (1945-1956)

Sponsored by:
The Center for Jewish Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
The Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies, Columbia University

With additional support from:
The Institute for Sephardic Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
The School of European Languages, Culture and Society, University College London
Centro Interdipartimentale Studi Ebraici, University of Pisa
The History Department, Queens College
The Italian Specialization and the Renaissance Studies Certificate Program, CUNY Graduate Center

Francesca Bregoli (CUNY-Queens College), Carlotta Ferrara degli Uberti (University College London), and Guri Schwarz (University of Pisa).
Organizing graduate fellow: Debra Glasberg (Columbia University)