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Marymount Manhattan College seeks instructors

The Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies at Marymount Manhattan College invites applications for instructors to teach courses in Asian or European History in the Spring semester, starting Monday January 29th, 2019, through Thursday May 17th.


The courses are:  


1. HIST 237. Modern East Asia (Same as IS 237) A study of the emergence of four modern East Asian nations – China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam – during the past two centuries. Topics to be examined include: the impact of imperialism and nationalism in East Asia; revolutions and communism in China, North Korea and Vietnam; industrialization and democratization in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea, and the rise of Pacific Rim and its role in today’s global society.

TIME: Wednesdays: 2:30-5:21PM


2. HIST 372. Women and Family in Chinese History (Same as IS 372) This course will provide for an examination of women’s life and women’s roles within Chinese family from antiquity to the modern period. Viewing gender as a historical category in analyzing changes of Chinese society and culture, the course will cover the following topics: property and inheritance between men and women; household economies; marriage; divorce and maternal roles; reproduction, fertility and infanticide; female chastity and Confucian ritual-propriety; and women’s social networking and the formation of sisterhood.

TIME: Tuesdays: 2:30-5:21 PM


3. HIST 309. Twentieth Century Europe (Same as IS 309) Course will consider the major political, socioeconomic, and intellectual developments of twentieth century Europe. Emphasis will be placed on the failures and successes of European governments in dealing with crises engendered by world and cold wars, depression and monetary crises, social transformations, and class and ideological conflict.

TIME: Thursdays: 7:20-10:01pm

If interested, please email a letter and CV to Dept Chair: Carrie-Ann Biondi at

Marymount Manhattan College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.