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May 1 The War and Geography Conference

An International Conference, held at the CUNY Graduate Center, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

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9:00 Reception and Breakfast
9:50 Welcome Note
Panel 1: War, Geography, and Strategy (Moderation: Dr. Frank Jacob)

  • The Imjin War (Dr. Jeffrey Shaw, Associate Professor Naval War College)
  • The “rise” of German school geography in World War I (Oliver Kann, PhD Candidate, Erfurt University)
  • Mapping a term: Geography and its role in the success and failures of the Yugoslav and Greek Resistance movements (James Horncastle, PhD Candidate Simon Fraser University)
  • The Geography of the Second Indochina War: Irregular War, the Environment, and the Struggle for South Vietnam (Martin G. Clemis, PhD Candidate, Temple University)

Panel 2: War, Geography, and the Periphery (Moderation: Dr. Sarah K Danielsson)

  • The Experience of War in the Sea: Ottoman Eyewitness accounts of the 1499-1500 Expedition to the Peloponnese (Dr. Murat Cem Menguc, Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University)
  • From Ice Stations to Action Stations – The importance of the Spitsbergen Archipelago in the Second World War (Dr. Linda Parker, Independent Scholar)
  • Lofty and Preciptious Chains – The Baghdad Pact in the Zagros Mountains (Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, Associate Professor, Texas State University)
  • Taming the Desert with Technology: The Punitive Expedition and Changing Spatial Regimes in the United States Army (Dr. Julie I. Prieto, Fellow United States Army Center of Military History, Washington D.C.)

Panel 3: War, Geography, and Reception (Moderation: Dr. Frank Jacob)

  • Battlefield Topography: Geography in Ambrose Bierce’s Civil War Texts (Benedict von Bremen, PhD Candidate, University of Tübingen)
  • Landscapes of Destruction: Art and the Geography of the Western Front (1914-1918) (Dr. Dr. Timothy Demy, Professor Naval War College)
  • War Memory and Geography: The Geographical Perception of the Slovenes in World War I (Dr. Petra Svoljšak, Milko Kos Historical Insitute)
  • The Geography of Place: Exhibition Practice at the Centennial of The Great War (Dr. Karen Shelby, Baruch CUNY)
  • The Lines of Conflict in Jerusalem – A Comparison between the 1937 Plan and the 1949 Reality (Dr. Yair Paz, senior lecturer, Schechter Institute Jerusalem)

Coffee Break
Panel 4: War, Geography, and Impact (Moderation: Dr. Sarah K Danielsson)

  • From Battlegrounds to Burial Grounds – The Cemetary Landscapes of the German Army, 1939-1945 (Nina Janz, PhD Candiate, Hamburg University)
  • Mountains and Woods in Two Wars: Forestry and Mining Science in Germany and the US between National Military Utilization and the Development of a Global Knowledge on Resources (1914-1918/ 1939-1945) (Dr. Swen Steinberg, UCLA, Research Fellow)
  • Geographies of Justice: The Allied War Crimes Trial Program as the First “Global Justice Network” (Dr. Wolfgang Form, International Research and Documentations Center for War Crimes Trials, Marburg and Dr. Franziska Seraphim, Associate Professor, Boston College)
  • Mass Conflict, Refugee Movements, and Environmental Dislocations (Richard P. Tucker, Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan)

Final Roundtable Discussion


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