May 12 – EARS Conference: “De-Centering Early America: Intersections, Interstices, and Interactions”

Registration: 8:00am – 10:30am in the History Lounge, Room 5114
I. Session 1 (9:00am – 10:30am)
Panel 1 A: Social Fabrics and Fabrics of Society – Room 5414
Chair: Scott Ackerman Graduate Center, CUNY. Commentator: Dr. James Oakes, History, Graduate Center, CUNY.
• Shae Cox, University of Nevada – “Dueling Duds: The Economic, Social, and Societal Effect of Civil War Uniforms”
• Viola Muller, Leiden University – “Interstices between Slavery and Freedom: Fugitive Slaves in Antebellum Southern Cities”
• James Taylor, SUNY Brockport – “Bondage and Freedom: The Conceptualization of Slavery and Liberty in Frederick Douglass’s Antebellum Political Thought”
Panel 1 B: Out of Print: Collective Violence and Orientalism in Revolutionary Era Writings – Room 5409
Chair: Alexander Gambaccini, History, Graduate Center, CUNY. Commentator: Dr. Benjamin Carp, History, Brooklyn College, CUNY

• Ayner Erdogan, University of Gronigen – “Sultan George III: Dress Rehearsal for the Revolution”
• Lauren Michalak, University of Maryland – “Looking Towards London: American Patriots’ interest in the 1780 Gordon Riots”
• Scott Zukowski, SUNY Stonybrook – “Franklin and his Foes: An Awakening through Provincial Pennsylvania’s Print Culture”
II. Session 2 (10:45am – 12:15pm)
Panel 2 A: Margins, Marginal, or Center?: Perspectives on the Early American Economy– Room 5414
Chair: Michael Crowder, History, Graduate Center, CUNY. Commentator: Dr. Andrew Shankman, History, Rutgers University-Camden.
• Megan Brett, George Mason University – “Dividing Families: Rhetoric and Relationships in the settlement of a Virginia Estate”
• Franklin Sammons, University of California, Berkeley – “‘I signed the death sentence of the Company of the Yazoo’: Finance, Violence, and Failure in the Yazoo Land Sales of 1789 and the Making of the Treaty of New York”
• Joseph Wallace, Johns Hopkins University – “Too Big to Gaol: Insolvent Debtors on the Move in Maryland, 1786-1805”
Panel 2 B: Migrations, Exchanges, and Trades: Locating and Relocating Black Life in Early America– Room 5409
Chair: Andrew Lang, History, Graduate Center, CUNY. Commentator: Dr. John Blanton, History, City College, CUNY.
• Christopher Blakely, Rutgers University – “Exchanges in Flesh and Bone: Animals in the Atlantic African Slave Trade”
• Nina Halty, Florida Atlantic University – “From Slaves to Subjects: Forging Freedom in the Canadian Legal System”
• Anne Kerth, Princeton University – “’Ye think yourself as good as your master, ye’: The Training of African-American Artisans in Antebellum South Carolina”
III. Session 3 (2:00pm – 3:30pm)
Panel 3 A: Affect, Anxiety, Affluence: Women in Early America– Room 5414
Chair: Arinn Amer, History, Graduate Center, CUNY. Commentator: Dr. Alisa Wade, N-YHS and the New School
• Melissa Arredia, Fordham University –s “De-Centering the Narrative: Gender Anxiety in the Early Republic”
• Hayley Margules, Boston College – “Class, Pregnancy, and Economic Dependence in the Salem Witch Trials”
• Ana Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania – “Feeling Past Politics: Becoming a Person in Puritan Verse”

Panel 3 B: Reactions and Interactions in Abolition Movements- Room 5409
Chair: Evan Turiano, History, Graduate Center, CUNY. Commentator: Dr. Jonathan Sassi, History, College of Staten Island and Graduate Center, CUNY.
• Mary Freeman, Columbia University – “’Abler pens than mine’: Creating Antislavery Politics through Letters, ca. 1830-1840”
• Megan Melvin, Florida International University – “The Dismissal of an Abolitionist Minister in Massachusetts”
• Diana Moore, Graduate Center, CUNY – “Radical Italian Nationalists in Antebellum America and the Problems of Universal Emancipation”
IV. Round Table Session 4 (3:45pm – 5:15pm) – Room 5114
Panel 4: Being An Early Americanist in the Current Political Climate
Chair: Nora Slonimsky, History, Graduate Center, CUNY and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies.
• Dr. Benjamin Carp, History, Brooklyn College, CUNY.
• Dr. Deirdre Cooper-Owens, History, Queens College, CUNY.
• Dr. Andrew W. Robertson, History, Graduate Center and Lehman College, CUNY.
• Dr. David Waldstreicher, History, Graduate Center, CUNY.
V. Keynote Session 5 (5:30pm – 6:45pm) – Room 5114
Dr. Edward Countryman, Southern Methodist University
“The Central Themes of an Ambiguous Revolution”
A light reception until 7:30pm will follow Dr. Countryman’s keynote in the history lounge (5114).