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Meet the 2017-18 Peer Mentors!

The mentors for the 2017-2018 school year have been finalized. You can contact us at or individually at the addresses listed below!

Arinn Amer

I’m in my fourth year at the GC and my recent work concerns 18th century tarring and feathering. I’m a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Hunter and co-chair of the CUNY Public History Collective. I’m happy to discuss interdisciplinarity, student-centered pedagogy, exploiting library resources, New York living, entering the program with a less clearly delineated research area, or anything else that might be helpful!



David Campmier

I am currently a fourth-year doctoral student at the Graduate Center History Department. At the GC, I study military history, specifically I conduct research about the American Civil War. As a teaching fellow and adjunct at Lehman, Brooklyn, and Queens Colleges, I have instructed courses including the first half of the American history seminar, a seminar on the history of the State of New York, and a writing course. I can speak to a variety of concerns such as teaching issues and preparation, research questions, exam preparation (first year and oral exam). You can reach me at any time at this email address




Davide Colasanto

I’m a fourth year History PhD student specializing in post-war European History. I have a strong interest in the history of sexuality in relation to war and violence. My research investigates how Fascism, and World War II influenced Italian masculinity from the late 1940s to the early 1970s. I have been teaching for the past two years at Queens College and I’m madly loving it. I am happy to help with undergraduate teaching issues, first/second year requirements, orals’ preparation, and international students’ adjustment to US academic system and life.




Erin Cully

I’m a fourth year PhD student researching US banking and finance in the late 20th century. I moved here from Canada, so if you are coming from abroad I can answer your questions about dealing with the International Students Office. As a peer mentor I look forward to speaking to new students about teaching, first year exams, attending conferences, academic anxieties, student activism, living in New York, and anything else that comes up. You can reach me at





Madeline DeDe-Pankin 

I am a second-year in the United States history program with a focus on women and gender. My current research looks at gender and botanical work at the turn of the twentieth century. I am also a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Lehman College and serve as co-chair of the Public History Collective. Before coming to the GC, I worked in nonprofit development. I am happy to talk candidly to new students about transitioning back into academia, getting the most out of New York on a budget, managing anxiety as a graduate student, and all things related to the first year experience. Feel free to reach out anytime at





Phelim Dolan

I have returned to graduate school after a career in the film and television business where I wrote, produced and directed commercials, music videos, and short films. I graduated from Brown University in 1985 with a degree in English Literature, specializing in Early Modern dramatic literature. I am now in my fourth year at the Graduate Center where I focus on Early Modern Ireland and England. I am interested in the interaction of Early Modern religion and politics as well as book history. As a mentor I think I have (hopefully) valuable experience with pursuing graduate studies after / while pursuing another career.





Adam Kocurek

I am a second-year American History PhD student who focuses on 20th century social movements, LGBT history, and history of labor, sexuality and gender. In addition to the American History PhD, I am pursuing the certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies offered at The Graduate Center. I currently am a Teaching Assistant at Hunter College for Modern American History course. I can be reached at and am happy to answer any and all questions regarding my experience at The Graduate Center, living in NYC, etc.





Miriam Liebman

I am in my fourth year and study early US history with an emphasis on American women in Paris and London. I was also co-chair of CUNY EARS for the 2016-2017 academic year. I teach US History at Queens College. I am one of the co-founders, along with Davide, of the GC mentor initiative, “Teaching  Conversations.” I can be reached at








Stephanie Makowski

I’m a second year modern Europeanist. I’m particularly focused on how gender, race, and sexuality intersect with national identity in 20th century Britain and its colonies. Come talk to me about any part of the first year experience – from getting through your first year exams to adjusting to a grad student schedule.





Chris Rominger

As a 6th-year PhD candidate in the History program, I study migration and political consciousness in the early 20th century Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on Tunisians during and following the First World War. I’m eager to help my fellow students with teaching, honing in on a dissertation topic, applying for grants, presenting at conferences, and overcoming the stresses and challenges of life as a graduate student in NYC. Feel free to email me at





Katrina Wheeler

I am a fifth-year PhD Candidate in early modern European history. My dissertation is on French Protestant (Huguenot) religious experience during the French Revolution, particularly their use of the Psalms in liturgical and devotional practices. I am a WAC fellow at LaGuardia Community College, where I also teach as an adjunct. I am happy to offer advice on navigating the first year in the history program, using library resources, preparing for the oral exams, and writing at different stages of the program.




Mentor Emerita

Katie Uva

I’m an ABD student whose dissertation focuses on urbanism at the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs. I’ve taught for several semesters at Brooklyn College, Lehman College, and Baruch, and worked previously as a WAC Fellow at Lehman and a Mellon Predoctoral Fellow at the Museum of the City of New York. I’m also Associate Editor of the Gotham Blog and active in the Public History Collective. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions about teaching, public history, or working during grad school:

We’re looking forward to working with you this year!


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