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Mentor Program 2015-2016

Mike Brenes


I am a recently alumnus, having received my PhD in History from the Graduate Center in 2014. My research interests include the United States in the World, post-1945 American political culture, the history of capitalism, race and inequality, and war and society. My work has appeared in the Journal of Policy History and several edited volumes. I have also authored multiple book reviews, encyclopedia entries, and reference essays. Currently I am revising my dissertation into a manuscript (which is under review at Cornell University Press) and I am teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in American history at Hunter College, CUNY. As the sole alumnus of the mentoring program, I am particularly interested in assisting students with items related to professional development: publishing journal articles, creating a CV, submitting a book proposal to an academic press, and gearing up for the job market. I am also happy to talk to students about how to prepare for AHA and on campus interviews, and what to expect from them. I can be reached at


Megan Brown


I am beginning my 6th year and am in the process of writing my dissertation, which focuses on decolonization and European integration (more specifically: the example of Algeria’s status in France and Europe in the post-war era). Because I spent this past year conducting research in France and Italy, I am eager to discuss strategies of locating and researching in archives. I am also happy to talk through the grant application process. Finally, as a former instructor at Brooklyn College (Global History, 1500-present), I can help with undergraduate teaching issues.



John Kunicki


I’m a third-year studying U.S. history in the PhD program. I’m researching the political thought of Malcolm X and the ways in which his ideas ramified after his assassination among radical activists during the Black Power era. Happy to assist with the transition to graduate school (particularly coming from college); living healthfully and cheaply in New York; organization/study strategies for exams and seminar papers; and balancing teaching and graduate school (among other things). I can be reached at



Chris Rominger


As a 4th-year student in the History program, I study reformist and anti-colonial movements in the early 20th century Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on Tunisia in the aftermath of the First World War. I’m eager to help my fellow students with teaching, honing in on a potential research/dissertation topic, applying for grants, and overcoming the stresses and challenges of life as a graduate student in NYC. Feel free to email me at




Katie Uva


I’m a 6th year student in American History. My dissertation focuses on the two New York World’s Fairs and their relationship to urbanism. I am also currently working as a Mellon Predoctoral Education Fellow at the Museum of the City of New York. Feel free to get in touch with me at if you have any questions, and especially if you want to talk about teaching, jobs outside school, stuff to do in New York, or public history.



Katrina Wheeler


I am a third-year early-modern Europeanist currently studying for oral exams and working on my dissertation proposal. My dissertation will be on the Protestant experience in eighteenth-century France, especially as it pertains to the Edict of Toleration of 1787 and the French Revolution. I am particularly interested in offering advice on navigating the first year in the history program; I’m happy to field questions not only about the first-year requirements but also about adjusting to grad school in NYC.


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