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New York State Budget Alert

Please  take a moment to visit so we may fully advise state legislators on the needs of the CUNY colleges.

The New York State Legislature this past week passed one house versions of their vision for the New York State Budget scheduled for adoption by March 31. The Senate and Assembly will be forming budget conference committees and establishing table targets for additional funds that may be available. We very much need your help to inform legislators the importance of supporting the funds outlined in the one house resolutions and pushing for needed support for CUNY. Both houses have restored opportunity programs and child care funds, provided significant capital increases, and made positive adjustments to the Tuition Assistance Program. Draft letters are provided that outline CUNY budget priorities of increasing community college base aid to $250 per FTE, additional capital funds for its five year plan and an additional $7.5 million in state operating aid for salary step increments.

Please contact legislators NOW while the budget conference committee process is under way. Conference Committees are scheduled to be done by Friday March 21st. The Legislature is quickly moving toward the April 1, 2014 budget deadline. The time to communicate is now!

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