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“Walking Manhattan” – Newark Academy Seeks Teacher for a Nine-Day Intensive Course on the History and Culture of Manhattan


We are in need of a teacher for a nine-day intensive course on the history and culture of Manhattan called “Walking Manhattan,” part of June Term, an intensive-learning program Newark Academy a private school in Livingston, NJ. The 2017 program dates are May 30 to June 9.

In the past, the teachers of this course have brought their class (of ~14 students) into Manhattan for 5 or 6 days of the program and spent the other days on campus. The course description is below and the full June Term catalog is online at . The focus of the course could be shaped in a way that meets a new instructor’s goals and interests.

The pay for the 9 days is $1,000. We would also make available a co- or assistant-teacher, a teacher from the school. For more information or to express interest, contact Jeff Vinikoor <>, Director of June Term.

We will walk from the Battery, up Broadway, the length of Manhattan Island to 190th St. The walk will be reasonably demanding. Specific topics that we will explore include architecture from Greek Revival to skyscraper to modernism; immigration and ethnic neighborhoods; the traditional, albeit somewhat diminished, role of New York City in the nation’s economy; successful and unsuccessful designs of “green spaces”; and infrastructure, cultural institutions, and financing of cities.We will be assigned a short reading everyday to be read in preparation for the subsequent day. The reading selections will include Jane Jacobs, among others. Along the way, we will stop for short lectures regarding various aspects of the city based in part on the previous night’s reading and for discussion of student observations. Students in this course should be prepared to work hard independently to process and demonstrate understanding of the various levels of meaning in the city, from the personal to the political.
Final Assessments/Products: daily journal, “Mid-term” oral presentations, final creative product– literary and photographic in nature—demonstrating scholarly and personal reflection and insight on course themes