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November 10 TLC Workshop: Teaching with WordPress

WordPress is a web-based publishing platform that, when used in college courses, can facilitate a variety of writing and multi-modal composition assignments and can help faculty harness the power of networks in and across their teaching. WordPress seamlessly integrates a variety of web applications into a space that supports student reflection, offers granular privacy controls, and allows its users to design the space as they work within it.

The CUNY Academic Commons, a WordPress teaching and learning platform based at the Graduate Center, has begun to be used in undergraduate courses across CUNY. This now makes it possible for CUNY faculty to use a WordPress platform in their classes without having to use (which has limited functionality) or having to pay for server space of their own.

Join the TLC Staff on Thursday 11/10 from 6:30-8:30 pm in Room 9206 for a workshop on how to leverage WordPress to rethink your assignment design and your pedagogy in general.

This workshop is geared towards all levels of WordPress skill and experience. Instead of focusing on the technical process of building or enhancing a site, we’ll brainstorm about how to use the core functionality of WordPress to create assignments that can stimulate richer classroom discussion, more lively writing from students, and deeper engagement with course concepts.

Although we encourage both WordPress novices and experts to attend, some knowledge of the platform will be beneficial to the workshop experience.  If you’re new to WordPress or the Commons, you can consult the robust help section on the Commons, watch their video tour, or sign up for an account. If you’re interested in learning more about approaches to educational technology, review the TLC’s “EdTech for n00bs” guide. If you need more hands-on technical assistance with WordPress, you’ll be encouraged to follow up with TLC and CUNY Academic Commons staff in the weeks after the workshop, and as the Spring semester approaches.

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